Apple ][ + but no Floppies

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 15:24:12 1999

--- Mike Ford <> wrote:
> Look at the stuff on the Apple II emulation web sites, they run down the
> full treatment to shk (shrink) disc images...

Cool. That's the kind of pointer I needed.

> I plan to use a trio of Apples for my stuff, a IIe card in a LC, a IIgs,
> and a IIc+. The first two via Appletalk to a Appleshare 3.0.4 server.

Appletalk for the IIgs? I didn't know. Was there ever Appletalk for older
machines (it would have to be under ProDOS, of course)?

> Many authors such as yourself have been making updates and releasing their
> older software to the public. You might want to think about that too. The
> Apple II is still a good machine for the younger kids and the more software
> the better.

I was only one of the independent authors. There were others who worked on
the projects, too. It was a one-man show with a room full of 1099 independent
contractors banging away on stuff for the Apple II, BBS Micro, C-64 and,
eventually, the PC (we even had PCjr stuff for a short while). The company
was "Software Productions"; we sold our stuff under the Reader's Digest name -
"Micro Mother Goose", "Micro Habitats" and "Alphabet Beasts and Company" were
our best selling titles.

We supported mice when mice were rare. I still have our original Apple II
mouse card - $250 MSRP in 1984, replacement mice - $35 each. These were the
identical kind used with the original 128K Mac.

If I ever run across my old boss, I'll ask if he is willing to release our
old stuff. I don't anticipate a problem, but I need to ask first.


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