Apple ][ + but no Floppies

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Dec 11 21:25:18 1999

>> I plan to use a trio of Apples for my stuff, a IIe card in a LC, a IIgs,
>> and a IIc+. The first two via Appletalk to a Appleshare 3.0.4 server.
>Appletalk for the IIgs? I didn't know. Was there ever Appletalk for older
>machines (it would have to be under ProDOS, of course)?

LocalTalk (AppleTalk) even works on a plain II with a workstation card, the
IIgs and LC have mac serial ports which automatically work, and some trick
will make a IIc+ work I have been told.

>We supported mice when mice were rare. I still have our original Apple II
>mouse card - $250 MSRP in 1984, replacement mice - $35 each. These were the
>identical kind used with the original 128K Mac.

Is that mouse the same as with the Mac Plus? The IIgs uses an ADB mouse.
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