Hewlett Packard 3265 question

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Date: Tue Dec 14 10:39:51 1999

> >grinding away, no apparent reason ...
> That's Windows for you! Mine does the same thing. Win 3.1 and no viruses.

This is a side effect of OSA and findfast both of wich are associated with
MSword, Office9x and friends. They can be dispensed with. I take them
out of the "Startup" folder so they are not run at startup. For the W95
system here (PII-400) this gets rid of the 2minutes of hyperactivity.

The mouse things is a APM/Green function at the bios level. You can
selectively turn off the activating interrupts, there is no "sensitivity"
level though and by turning it off the mouse or whatever that wake up is
not active. I normally turn off APM (advanced power management) as I
prefer to see better response time from the system. Leave it on for the
tube, they seem to last longer then.

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