DTC 520A - SASI or SCSI?

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Dec 15 01:26:05 1999

Going through a box of disk interface cards, I ran across a couple of these
DTC 520As. Cursory examination shows a 50-pin connector (J4) with two
termination resistors (220/330), two 20-pin connectors (J2, J3) which are
presumably analog data for two ST506 drives and two 34-pin connectors (J1
and J9). I would expect that J1 is the control cable that goes with J2 and
J3. I suspect that J9 is for floppies. The major chips are two 8255s, one
8085, one DTC-037, one NEC D765, one FDC-043, one DTC MSA 2827G, an AMD P8353,
and an AMD AM9517. There are several chips with the numbers covered by type-
written numbers, PALs and ROMs, no doubt.

There are 8 LEDs in a row by the power connector and an 8-position DIP switch.
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