DTC 520A - SASI or SCSI?

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Date: Wed Dec 15 07:54:39 1999


Likely that is something else. I'd expect the 34pin to be floppy and
maybe MFM hard disk.

The 50pin could be... QIC02, QIC24 or maybe the old Hard disk interface
used for the 8" hard disks (SMD?) like the SA4000.

!983 SCSI ws likely SASI, but many tapes and disks used a 50pin parallel
like interface back then too.


On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Going through a box of disk interface cards, I ran across a couple of these
> DTC 520As. Cursory examination shows a 50-pin connector (J4) with two
> termination resistors (220/330), two 20-pin connectors (J2, J3) which are
> presumably analog data for two ST506 drives and two 34-pin connectors (J1
> and J9). I would expect that J1 is the control cable that goes with J2 and
> J3. I suspect that J9 is for floppies. The major chips are two 8255s, one
> 8085, one DTC-037, one NEC D765, one FDC-043, one DTC MSA 2827G, an AMD P8353,
> and an AMD AM9517. There are several chips with the numbers covered by type-
> written numbers, PALs and ROMs, no doubt.
> There are 8 LEDs in a row by the power connector and an 8-position DIP switch.
> >From the date codes, it appears to have been made near the end of 1983.
> Can anyone shed any additional light on this device? Knowing what this was
> expecting to hook up to and how to set the DIP switches would be a great help.
> Many thanks,
> -ethan
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