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Subject: "DB9"

>On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Tony Duell wrote:
>> Thank %deity there's somebody else out there who actually knows what a
>> 'DB' connector is!. I sometimes think I'm fighting a losing battle
>> against the people who insist there's a DB9 :-)
>How large would the pins be, or how far apart if there WERE a DB9?
>Or what about a DB25 serial port cable that only has pins 1-8 and 20?
>Could we call THAT a DB9? :-)
I once had a Mistubishi monitor which used a 'B'-shell with three coax
connectors in it along with eight or nine signals on what looked to be
otherwise standard pins. Just yesterday I discarded a badly damaged
'C'-shell with 78 pins in three rows. I don't think that connector will
become popular due to its fragility, at least I hope not!
>> For reference, the standard connectors seem to be, with common uses :
>> DA15 (PC joystick), MAU ethernet, etc
>> DA26 (Never seen it used)
>> DB25 (Standard RS232, PC printer port)
>> DB44 (Never seen it used)
>> DC37 (PC external floppy disk, Canon CX-VDO interface)
>> DC62 (IBM PC expansion cabinet)
>> DD50 (Sun SCSI)
The make these with four rows, more densely spaced, but I don't know the max
pin count
>> DE9 (PC/AT serial port, Atari joystick, etc)
>> DE15 (VGA monitor)
>> I've seen the 19 and 23 pin connectors used by Apple, Atari and Commodore
>> Amiga refered to as the DF19 and DG23. It makes sense, but I have no idea
>> if that's official.
>> -tony
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