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regarding the origin of this somewhat odd (in its sensibility) scheme. . . I
was told it was Amphenol that cooked up this particular scheme for the
benefit of the military procurement system. Presumably it gave them an
advantage for a time.


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Subject: RE: "DB9"

>Belden Calls them all D-Subminiature connectors either Plugs or Sockets
>(Jacks) in 9, 15, 25, and 37 pins. Metal Head shells or thermoplastic.
>Having .050" centered conductors.
>DSP009 is 9 pin plug
>DSJ009 is 9 position jack (socket)
>Were there Standards, or was this left to Mfg part numbering scheme??
>Molex, Amphenol, Thomas & Betts, Ansley? Mil Spec?
>Larry Truthan
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>On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Tony Duell wrote:
>> Thank %deity there's somebody else out there who actually knows what a
>> 'DB' connector is!. I sometimes think I'm fighting a losing battle
>> against the people who insist there's a DB9 :-)
>How large would the pins be, or how far apart if there WERE a DB9?
>Or what about a DB25 serial port cable that only has pins 1-8 and 20?
>Could we call THAT a DB9? :-)
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