Anyone familiar with NeXT harware out there?

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Date: Wed Dec 15 22:43:33 1999

Hi! I've got an original 68030 NeXT Cube workstation that i've had for about
a year and I can't get it to power up anymore.. The system used to work
great; has been unplugged for the last few months pretty much just sitting
there, so I dont see how much harm could have come to it.. The only thing
I can think of is perhaps the system battery might be too low, and as a
result, the soft power switch on the system (via keyboard) is not working
anymore.. I was reading around 2v on a 3v battery... Anybody out there
know if this is even plausible (or can suggest any alternative issues
that might be coming up)? :(

 -Sean Caron (
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