An easy one (after that db9 debacle!)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 23:33:09 1999

... and it was a DE9 debacle! . . .


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From: Tony Duell <>
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Date: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 7:14 PM
Subject: Re: An easy one (after that db9 debacle!)

>> This one should be easy. I've got an ESDI drive, I know that at one time
>> had termination resistors in it, I know that I pulled them out, I put
>> into my "drawer of misc resistor packs", they are effectively invisible
>> What is the resistor values for the term pack? 220/330?
>Almost certainly. May be marked 221331 (==22*10^1, 33*10^1). I would
>guess the pinout is one of the standard ones (SIL with the common pins at
>the ends, DIL with the common pins at the top right and bottom left
>The latter assumption is not always valid. I once worked on a floppy
>drive that was corrupting disks. The cause was the termination resistor
>pack. It was a 9 pin SIL, but instead of having the common pin at one end
>(marked by a dot), it had it in the middle. The correct resistor pack was
>symmetrical, therefore. Somebody had put in a normal resistor pack, and
>the result was that all sorts of signals got coupled together. Finding
>that fault was entertaining to say the least.
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