Trade Massbuss for LP card?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 14:10:39 1999

John Lawson <> wrote:
> In the 11/44 system which is now occupying my evenings... there
> are three Massbuss adaptors [M5904].
> Would anyone like to have one (or two) of these M5904s in trade
> for a Unibus <-> DataProducts P300 card (and very hopefully cable)??

Presumably you're aware that the M5904 is only the transceiver module,
and that it plugs into an RH11 backplane with several other modules to
form a complete Massbus adapter.

I could use an extra RH11.

I'm not familiar with the P300, so I don't know exactly what printer interface
would be required. I have two DEC LP06-YA drum printers and two LP26 chain
printers which (according to the bill of sale) use "LP/LS-11" printer
interfaces. It looks like there should be a spare interface card, so if
that's what you need, I'd be happy to trade it.

> I actually have an RA90+power
> supply out in the garage, condition unknown at this time.. I don't
> know anything at all about the Massbuss and it's peripherals, save
> that its serial and kinda fast.

It's parallel, with a 16-bit command/status bus and a 16 or 18 bit data bus.
It was fast by mid-to-late 1970s standards. There's a reasonably good
general overview in _Computer Engineering_.

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