Surplus sightings

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 16:08:30 1999

Things I have seen recently in local (SoCal) surplus joints:

Gaylord full of 5+ year old northern Telecomm cards with a Meridian 1 and
various other bits.

Pallets of stuff from MTI (sorry I don't know more, but its some DEC I
think storage maker). Lots of full length metal chassis that fit in the
larger roll around racks, and a couple of those racks (about 4 feet tall).
Quite a few new in the static bag old cards, MTI, emulex, many little cards
that seem to attach to the rear of drives to go in above chassis. Hunting
in this mess is totally impractical (sealed static bags etc.), but if
sufficient interest exists maybe I can get him to hold it for more snooping
time later. Hints on what I should look for welcomed.

Compaq Plus, suitcase with the keyboard on the bottom.

ST19171FC drives, both new and used (looks too expensive to me $150+).

Long cables with the HD68 connectors or maybe 68 pin (someday I will learn
to id cables). One looks like a miniture centronics with the tab in the
middle, and other is HD68 I think with closely spaced pins. Cable is FAT
like half an inch and maybe 25+ feet long.
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