USUS Pascal software library now online

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 16:07:07 1999

A few weeks ago, someone sent me the disk images of their
cache of the USUS Software Library, a collection of Pascal code
dating from approximately 1978 to 1981.

They sent volumes 1 through 29 of the US collection and volumes
3 and 4 of the USUS UK collection.

After a few years of casual Web research, I've been unable to find
anyone who'd admit to being the last of the Mohicans who ran this group.

The collection is now online. I'd added a new section to my
Jefferson Computer Museum at <>
containing a short description of the USUS user group, the catalog
of the files in the disks I have, and links to downloadable Zip files
containing both .SVOL disk images and plain DOS text files that
should be accessible to today's users.

I improved my UCSD P-System disk tools to handle these .SVOL disk
images. Windows executables of these are online, too. (My RT-11
disk tools were recompiled as result.)

- John
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