ID this light pen

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 21:47:51 1999

At 05:44 PM 12/16/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> Can anyone id this light pen?
>> "". It looks like it was
>> built into the body of a standard ink pen. The components on the circuit
>> board are covered with a black tar looking substance giving the board a
>> bumpy look. There is a male card edge connector sticking out of the reverse
>> side on the circuit board. There is a label on the pen that says "3G
>> Gaston, Or. (503) 662-4492".
>> Joe
>Can't ID it, but it must have been a "Garage" company. Gaston is a speck on
>the map, if you can even find the speck! Hmmm, would that plug into the
>side of an Amiga 500 or what? Wierd.
> Zane
   I *think* I remember seeing one like this on a Commodore Pet but I'm not
sure. That was a long time ago. Does the Pet have a card edge connector or

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