TTY and current loop questions (was Re: 20mA cablingquestions)

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 20:27:41 1999

>Mike Ford wrote:
>> Bulletin 310B just sold for $305
>> Can't say I didn't give you all a chance once. ;)
>Take a look at the bid history and you will find only two people doing
>battle. If one of those people had not been bidding, the manuals would have
>sold for about $26 or so.

Hmmm, maybe I should add something to my description, like "May be the last
original copy not already in permanent collections." ;)

Beyond *RARE*, this historically significant original document ...

Contains the part numbers of ALL the components in the Teletype actually
used by Bill Gates.

Accept no substitutes, and protect yourself from the humiliation of losing
out on this unique item and bid your maximum amount immediately. Deep
pocket museums are sure to snap this item up as soon as they find it, but I
have posted no notices in order to give the small investor a fair
opportunity to own this bit of our computing history.

Honor your corporate headquarters with the fascinating display this set of
unique volumes can make. The stark reality of computing in the mechanical
age brought out in vivid line drawings that will impress and amaze
engineers and common folk alike. A genuine artifact of this early time in
our history, you will be able to look with pride at the original document
generations of caretakers of Teletype machinary have faithfully referenced
to keep these classic icons of computing operational. Much admiration will
certainly come to the lucky person who makes the winning bid, but my only
concern is that the vast investment rewards possible be weighed against the
need by future generations of Teletype owners to access the essential
information contained in these volumes to keep their equipment running.

Oh, yes, I think I have found my calling. ;)

BTW just noting that neither of them got the "parts" manual. ;)
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