H9278-A is this Q/CD or Q/Q

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Date: Fri Dec 17 20:37:58 1999

See comments below.
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Subject: H9278-A is this Q/CD or Q/Q

>I'm trying to bring a Vaxstation 3200 back to life. It had been depopulated
>but I've got all the boards. It is in a BA23 chassis. Now my previous
>experience with uVAXen in BA23's was that the first 3 slots were Q/CD and
>the rest were Q/Q with a serpentine bus. However trying to set up the
>boards this way yielded some very strange results. Not the least of which
>was no response by the disk controller.

Caused by the blank in slot 2

>The other oddity was the dual hard drive control switches on the panel. The
>chassis is marked:
> VS31V-B2
>Which the module database lists as:
> 650QV-A2,CLR,MS650-AA,VCB02,DELQA-M,CK-DELQA-YP,2 M9047,BC18Z-25,120V
>If I read this correctly, then the stock configuration on this box was:
>1 KA660 ----------------
>2 clear
>3 MS650-AA -------------Move up to 2 and insert grant here (M9047) on left
>4 VCB02
>5 VCB02 (4 plane)
>6 VCB02 (4 plane)
>7 DELQA M09047
>8 M9047 ??? Insert disk controller here.
>The backplane is marked Micro-11 and H9278-A which is described as:
>Which sounds a whole lot like Q/CD all the way down to me. Anyone know for
>sure? I'll be trying it out shortly so I may figure it out empirically. :-)

Slot 1,2 and 3 have the grant on the left. The right side is reserved for
memory interconnect.

>I guess the real question is "Quad slot" code for "Q/CD" slot?
No - Quad wide connector.
Q/CD has the right side "reserved" like on a ba213.
Q/Q is the serpentine section
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