H9278-A is this Q/CD or Q/Q

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Date: Fri Dec 17 20:47:00 1999

>The backplane is marked Micro-11 and H9278-A which is described as:
>Which sounds a whole lot like Q/CD all the way down to me. Anyone know for
>sure? I'll be trying it out shortly so I may figure it out empirically. :-)

You want to look at Micronote #5, "Q22 Compatible Options", for the
straight scoop. If you want to look at it over the web, start at the
Micronote index at


In there you'll see the H9278 classified as

        Micro/PDP-11 H9278 4 X 3 Q22/CD and 4 X 5 Q22/Q22 Backplane

In other words, this is your bog-standard BA23 backplane. The first three
slots are CD, and the rest are serpentine.

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