pdp11.org now open

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Sat Dec 18 01:12:46 1999

(as soon as Internic adds it to the database; until then, you can
reach the page at http://pdp11.workstations.org)

I've registered (yay!) and created www.pdp11.org. I'm aiming to
create an informational resource page for all makes and models of
PDP-11s, similar to my (very popular) effort for Sun Microsystems
computers at http://www.sunhelp.org.

I've got a very small collection of links up currently, and will be
adding more in the next few days as I work on the page. If anyone
has contributions that they would like to see listed, please email
me at mrbill_at_mrbill.net, and I'll see that they get there ASAP.

On another note, I'm still looking for a PDP-11 system of my own;
I'm not picky about model. If you've got one for sale, please let
me know; I've got a VT102 in the garage that's just begging to
be used as a console. 8-)


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