More eBay rambling, and the human factor

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Date: Sat Dec 18 00:54:05 1999

What I have heard is that the human brain can process between a dozen and
two dozen "transactions" per second. But ... (sputter, sputter) ... so a 286
computer is BLAZINGLY fast by comparison ... wait, doesn't the human brain
process vast amounts of info? The human body is an absolute marvel as a
chemical plant; all those levels have to require tremendous amounts of
monitoring and adjustment? I guess I am confused on the issue of scope
versus speed ... so a brain could be considered to be parallel on a massive
scale then, whereas is a computer is serial; brain: millions of things done
slowly, computer one thing done with blinding speed ... am I way off base or
onto something???
Ray Cook
PS Sorry, its post finals excessive thought disorder;
everything is fried but it wont shut down!!!
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