MicroVAX 3100 update

From: John Allain <jallain_at_databaseamerica.com>
Date: Mon Dec 20 16:43:51 1999

   I know its kinda wrong to reply during this week,
   but here goes...

> ...The console says "_~" ...

   A data transmission mismatch can look just like this.
   Most minis I know of will converse in a limited
   way even w/o a disk.
   Do you know for a fact that the baud/bits/parity match
   between the host and the terminal? Does the terminal
   recieve more strange characters if you hit a bunch of
   <CR>'s or other keys after this? Are there signs of
   audible system activity given off by the disks?
   (Either you hear enough disk motions to indicate a
   boot-up sequence at power on, and/or do you hear a
   reaction to the terminal being accessed?)

   PS. These checks will be useful but less valid if this
   particular machine is set in a mode where it doesn't
   necessarily have to boot up, IE as with an older
   uVax II with the switch on the back thrown.
   The 3100 might not even have such a switch...

John A.

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OK, so the MicroVAX is *still* not responding... I've at least ruled the
power supply and the terminal and the terminal cables out however. I put the
power supply from the functional VAXstation 3100 in the MicroVAX, hooked up
the Wyse 50 I use with the VAXstation along with its DECConnect cable to the
MicroVAX (BTW; I used the MicroVAX's manual to set up the VAXstation,
therefore the cable must be plugged in properly), and turned the critter
on... same results as before.. The console says "_~" and that is about it..
The manual talked about that possibly indicating a disk drive problem, but I
tried it both with and without hard disk.. no dice. Any further ideas? Also,
I'm going to be finally updating my website with *far* more
Interdata/Perkin-Elmer/Concurrent info than anyone could possibly want,
along with the same scope of Nova 1210 info, including the sheet on how to
modify an ASR-33 with the DGC teletype interface board.

Will J
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