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>> The spacing between pins along a row is I think 0.1 inches. The spacing
> You have some strange D connectors there (at least for Normal Density
> ones). Try holding a piece of stripboard or an IC against one. The pins
> do _not_ line up (just tried it). The D-pin spacing (normal DB25 is the
> one I had to hand) is larger than 0.1". As is the row spacing, which
> seems to be the same as the pin spacing in a row.

I stand corrected. A slightly more accurate measurement gives pins within a row
at 2.75+/-0.01 mm, between rows 3.00+/-0.10 mm (the latter more likely to be
less than more).

My mistake arose because the row of 13 pins on a DB25 measures almost exactly
1.3 inches, pin centre to pin centre. How could I do such a thing? There
really is no excuse!


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