Floppy drives for uVAX II; TRW Swap

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Date: Tue Dec 21 07:38:30 1999

> Greetingz classiccmpistas.. I am in the market for a floppy drive
>for the MicroVax II... the machine I wish to add to has a TK50 and
>an RD54 (I think) and a Cipher 880 looking like a TS11.
> Even if there are aftermarket units existing, I would still like to
>get a DEC unit. I saw one on a nice uVax at one of the recent TRW
>swaps here in SoCal, but its custodian wanted $300 for the chassis
>and was rather offended when I suggested that he had got the decimal
>point shifted one decade to the right.. ;o

You'll have to be more specific about what sort of floppy drive
that you want to hook up. 8 inch? If so, RX01 or RX02? In this
case you'll also need a RXV211 or clone controller in the Q-Bus
backplane. 5.25 inch? If so, RX33 or RX50? In these cases you'll
just attach to the existing RQDX3/breakout box. 3.5 inch? If so,
you'll need a third-party Q-bus controller to run the drive, unless
you get your hands on a prototype RQDX4 :-)

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