IBM 360/370 emulation?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Dec 21 16:46:40 1999

> Failing that, anyone know where to get documentation so I can hack one up
> after I'm done fighting with E10?

IBM will still sell you (and relatively cheaply) the Principles of Operation
documents for the 360, 370, 370/XA, ESA 370, and 390.

IBM has a web site for ordering documentation, but it's just about
impossible to find (i.e., a search from does not find it),
and unfortunately I don't seem to have the URL. I ordered some manuals
from them about two months ago, including the 360 Principles of Operation,
the 360/30 Functional Characteristics, and the 360/67 Functional

Unfortunately they obsoleted the majority of the 360 manuals about 18
months ago. There are still some 370 manuals available.
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