IBM 360/370 emulation?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 01:23:10 1999

>Anyone know where I can get my hands on an emulator of an IBM 360/370?
>Always wanted to meet one, and I'm curious. (Taking a shortish rest from
>working on the '10. I'm into paging and such now and it's giving me fits.)
>Failing that, anyone know where to get documentation so I can hack one up
>after I'm done fighting with E10?
>Altavista search turns up junk matches (resumes and such) and a couple
>emulators that have disappeared.

Did anybody buy some of those emulation card sets that turned up a few
months ago on the list? Some surplus place claimed for have a bunch of for
like $50 a pop, then seemed to back off later on about having many at all.
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