One TTY problem down, one to go

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 03:03:47 1999

OK... I found and fixed the lack of paper feed problem. It was
caused by there being a variable amount of force needed to turn
the platten depending on where it was in the rotation. In other
words, there is a flat spot or the platten itself is bent (I only
suggest this because one of the units may have had something
resting on top due to a bad garage packing job done by my former
roommates when I was out of the U.S. for a time). When I swapped
plattens between my two TTYs, the recipent unit turned over like
a breeze.

I did discover that you need to remove the print mechanism
from the base to get access to a spring that's critical in
the line feed linkage. Fortunately, I found out the easy
way and not by busting something.

Now all that remains is the type cylinder/print hammer
retraction problem. I can type zeros all day and it
behaves nicely. Most keys, however, do not yield
satisfactory results. I currently suspect that the bar
that rides up and down on the 2cm-tall pegs (topped with
circlips) on either side of the type cylinder is gummed
up in some fashion. It moves up and down freely by hand,
but there is a bit of stickiness that I don't think
should be there. If I could figure out how to remove the
entire assembly, I'd swap it with the other unit.

At this point, I can manage exchanging entire assemblies
much more than individual parts. I did locate my wiring
diagrams (B-sized, blue covers, about a dozen pages) but
but not the grey maintenance manuals. :-(

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions so far. I've been
wiping and oiling (carefully) as I go along. I did get
those replacement print hammers from Western Numeric Control.
They are $2.50 each and just slip around the groove on the
bar face. I didn't know there was a groove there because
my old pad was clogging it. I wasn't experiencing any
problems with the sticky foot, but I do like to use the
proper parts when available.

Speaking of proper parts, I got some of the gear grease
on me from the helical-cut gears by the motor. I take
it that these gears take a graphite-bearing grease or
something similar. It certainly isn't axle or lithium
grease. Any ideas?



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