***Load details part 1***

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Date: Wed Dec 22 10:23:01 1999

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Date: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 12:13 PM
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>"Funniest part: I loaded the trucks sooo heavy that every time I turned the
>corner the back bottomed out and ground down the tires. The border did not
>stop the trucks... let me through without taxes.
>Would it make sense to find people near these locations and store the stuff
>near where it is coming from, or find some cheap warehouse space?

Most of the stuff is new. I had *no* idea what was there. I thought maybe 20
racks...I made the deal on the phone without ever seeing the stuff. Even the
DEC guy had no idea what was there. I had the help of three others and we
all got beaten. I was told I could pick and chose but gave up and decided to
take everything - and that was much appreciated. I quickly went out and
rented more large 1-way trucks and we loaded them all -didn't even make a
dent in the place. I got back to TO with no idea where to put it. I know the
owners of a large apartment building here and rented the largest apartment
they had and rented it. My Dad donated the bottom floor of his home and I
filled storage units. I am trying to arrange for a large warehouse now.

>All of this sounds like more than one person's worth of work to me...

It is... My dad is 60 and almost had a heart attack. I had the flu going
down there. The DEC guy (who has a lot of experience with DEC stuff from
'68-90) was completely exhausted. He laughed at me when he heard I wanted
the TU56 drives.. he called them pure junk and really dislikes them. I don't
know what to expect next there.. visibility is only about 3 feet and I have
a long way to go... somehow I think there is a lot more than 14,000 pounds
of DEC stuff left there....

I am feeling a bit better today and hope to fire up one of those 11/20s.

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