two questions

From: Al Kossow <>
Date: Wed Dec 22 11:30:08 1999

"Two questions about old machines I saw; don't know if there are chances
to get any of them.

Solbourne 700. With some surfing I got the impression it is a 4 way SMP
running SunOs 4.1.x. Saw this machine only in a photo that a friend of
a friend took.

Tom Dowdy has a nice page on Solbournes at

They aren't bad machines (other than being prone to overheating). We just
retired our last Series 6 machine at about two months ago. They
are SPARC based (either Cypress (series 5) or TI SuperSPARC (series 6))
but the hardware is completely unique (they have their own main bus with
VME for expansion)

If someone in the Bay Area has a use for them, and would make me a resonable
offer, I have a lot of series 5 and 6 spare boards.
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