Famous & infamous computers of the 70's & 80's.

From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sat Dec 25 19:21:56 1999

Here is a varied list of computers (and computer-related things) that were
either famous or infamous for various reasons

First, the infamous ones

Computer with the worst built in hard drive: the ICT hard drive in the early
models of the IBM-AT.
Computer with the worst system architecture: TI-99/4A. (doubly interpreted
BASIC? c'mon TI!)
Computer with the worst keyboard: (tie) Sinclair ZX-81/Timex Sinclair 1000 &
Computer with the worst pitchman: Bill Cosby. (TI-99/4A)
Computer with the most limitations: Timex Sinclair 1000/Sinclair ZX-81.
Slowest computer: COM-X 35.
Computer with the slowest disk drive: Commodore 64(C).
Heaviest laptop computer: Apple Macintosh Portable.
Most infamous computer by price: Apple Lisa.

And now the famous ones

Computer with the best keyboard: (tie) Commodore 64(C), & TRS-80 Model 12.
Computer with the best speech synthesizer: TI-99/4A.
Most famous "vaporware" computer: Xerox Alto.
Computer with the best sound hardware: (tie) TI-99/4A & Commodore 64(C).
Computer with the coolest pitchman: William Shatner. (VIC-20)
Computer with the coolest case design: TI-99/4A. (The case reminds me of a
Delorean. Remember those?)
Computer with the best introductory commercial: Apple Macintosh. ("On
January 24, Apple will introduce Macintosh. And you will see why 1984 won't
be like "1984"".)

This is all that I can think of. If you can add some more categories or
correct some of the entries, please do so! After all, the above entries are
only based on opinion (namely my own).
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