Famous & infamous computers of the 70's & 80's.

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>Here is a varied list of computers (and computer-related things) that were
>either famous or infamous for various reasons
>First, the infamous ones


>Computer with the worst keyboard: (tie) Sinclair ZX-81/Timex Sinclair 1000 &

        Debatable! The 'chiclet' keyboard on the Commodore PET was truly horrendous!

>And now the famous ones
>Computer with the best keyboard: (tie) Commodore 64(C), & TRS-80 Model 12.

        Sorry, can't agree. Far as I'm concerned, NOTHING has yet beat the good
ole' 101-key IBM PS/2 'clicker' for its sheer durability and fantastic
tactile/audible feedback.

>Computer with the best speech synthesizer: TI-99/4A.

        Dunno 'bout that... how about the Digitalker as used on some S-100 systems?

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