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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Dec 25 20:27:22 1999

>>Computer with the best keyboard: (tie) Commodore 64(C), & TRS-80 Model 12.
> Sorry, can't agree. Far as I'm concerned, NOTHING has yet beat the good
>ole' 101-key IBM PS/2 'clicker' for its sheer durability and fantastic
>tactile/audible feedback.

That's a good one, I'm also pretty partial to the "Apple Extended
Keyboard". Many of the old IBM keyboards are quite good, the one I've got
on the old RS/6000 I have at work is excellent. Also the old Keytronic AT
101 keyboard Circa about 1991 is excellent.

When I got my G4/450 in October, the *first* thing I did was toss that
abomination they call a keyboard and mouse, and stick a ADB-to-USB
converter on it and hook up my Apple Extended Keyboard II and Apple Desktop
Bus Mouse II on it. On the PC side I've been using that Keytronic's
keyboard since '91.

I want a keyboard that has good wieght, doesn't flex when you pick it up,
most new keyboards will twist so much it's rediculous, and the keys have a
good 'feel' when pressed. Another important thing is the position of the
backspace/delete key and return key. I use so many different keyboards
that I can put up with just about any layout as long as these criteria have
been met.

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