TRW Report

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Dec 26 01:27:08 1999

  Well... pitiful is a good word. I went sort of from curiosity
and also because it was the first TRW in the new venue. Not more
than 50 sellers showed up... in 15 years I've never seen so few
people... but what did I expect?

  Marvin showed up and had the temerity to actually *sell* some
things, whereas I don't think I turned ten dollars the whole day.
Nick Oliviero dropped by bearing a most pleasant Xmas gift: a nice
RX50 for my uVAX II. Thanx Nick!

  I, as fate would have it, found a very rare music
synthesiser/sequencer combo, [an Oberheim OB-SX and DSX] and bought
same... there went all my cash, so I packed up and left before
11:00... as many were doing. The first one in January promises to
be a much better attended Affaire.

  At least the music stuff works.. I have it hooked up in the
studio and it's just like 1978... but I'd sure look goofy in bell
bottoms and colored glasses... so we'll leave it at that.

  A pleasant New Year to all of you whose calendar rolls over in the
next few days.. I am planning a quiet Evening at Home.....
vicarious revelry for me!

  Cheers and K3WL n3W y3Ar d00dZ! 2K RulEZ!!!

   wE ArE AlL El!Te... WaReZ 4 aLL....

if you can call a 25-year-old version of Kermit "warez"... ;)


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