TRW Report (off topic)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Dec 27 19:10:23 1999

You wrote...
> I, as fate would have it, found a very rare music
> synthesiser/sequencer combo, [an Oberheim OB-SX and DSX] and bought
> same... there went all my cash, so I packed up and left before
> 11:00... as many were doing. The first one in January promises to
> be a much better attended Affaire.
> At least the music stuff works.. I have it hooked up in the
> studio and it's just like 1978... but I'd sure look goofy in bell
> bottoms and colored glasses... so we'll leave it at that.

as a MIDI gear-head myself, I can truely appreciate those finds. VERY nice

My poor setup includes a descendent of those, an obie matrix-6 and Xk as
well as a yamaha KY-88.

I'm suprised the DSX still works, I've heard they were fairly tempermental.


Jay West
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