Help with CQD 220A/TM

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Dec 26 11:22:09 1999

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>It is VERY disturbing. Especially since this is a discontinued board.
>If someone is able to acquire the board and there is no documentation,
>then it becomes very difficult to find out how the board works.
>> >But, the following link do provide the switch settings:
>> >
>> >and
>> >
>I would guess that the lock on the URL is unnecessary if the
>person knows the specific name of the manual. I suggest that
>anyone who has the files save them and perhaps archive them.

        Done deal, even though I don't have either of the boards (I wish!).
However, I would also like to point out that I had no trouble getting to
the switch settings or tech specs for the CQD-200 from the main page.

        Perhaps the demand for user ID is a temporary aberration? It might be wise
to contact CMD about it rather than panicking. ;-) Lord knows I've had more
than one familiar web site pull such a stunt as a result of botched coding
or misunderstood directives.

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