TRW Report

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Dec 26 11:10:03 1999

Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:
> You're brave! I got out the words, " there anyway I could sneak
> to..." and could tell I was about to be bludgeoned to death...

You have to be forward looking in these things. I told my wife about two
months ago that I was planning on going to TRW on Christmas Say. The storm
came and went and by the week before Christmas, all was well. It did help
that I told her I would pick up our daughter in LA :). At least now I can
say I am one of those people who attended TRW on Christmas!

All in all, not much classic stuff down there. There were some NeXT slabs
down there with memory and HD for $30 each (no kb, monitor, or anything
else.) There was another NeXT slab that was complete, but I didn't check on
the price. I saw an HP 9000 series computer but until I get rid of more
stuff, I didn't even ask. There were the usual few C-64s. It was still fun
... the fun just didn't last as long.
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