HP guru needed!

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sun Dec 26 19:20:19 1999

I saw an HP mini at a local warehouse....

Here is what I saw/what I have been told:

It is an HP-2 (is there such a thing)?

It has a high speed paper tape unit on it.

It has a disk interface box (about 5" high). I have not seen the CPU as it
was not in a position to see it's front panel.

I tried a search but get 5000 HP-2 laserjet webpages.

Any help/ideas/pictures would be appreciated.


PDP-8 and other rare mini computers


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>>> Another thing I did not know was that there are 5 different PDP-8e
>>> maintenance manual sets: Preliminary (3), Processor (3), Internal
>>> (3), External Options (3) and Lab-8/e (1).
>>I thought the PDP8/e maintenance manual was 3 volumes. Volume 1 was the
>>CPU (and core IIRC). Volume 2 was internal options (EAE, Memory
>>extension/timeshare, EPROM board, etc) . Volume 3 was external options
>>(disks/tapes/terminals/etc). And then a separate Lab 8/e manual for the
>>realtime I/O boards.
>>Are you saying you have a 3-volume set for the CPU, another 3 volume set
>>for internal options, etc? If so, Wow!. The single volume CPU manual
>>contains an incredible amount of useful info, so a 3-volume set must be
>and... what version of the *standard* three volume set do you have? Do you
>have the 1.25" thick volume 3 or the 1/2" thick volume 3? Other volumes are
>"maintenance training manuals" (1,3), 2,3, and 1,2.. Seems DEC only
>certain manuals to go to the public [1,2,3]. I have 2 versions of each set
>with maintenance trainers to bring me a current running total of 5 sets of
>PDP-8/E maintenance guides.
>I have so many other weird manuals and options I am hoping you, Alison, or
>Megan have heard of them:
>A 1964 PDP-8P (all transistor).. I have prints. DeCastro designed it. Could
>be the straight-8 but I doubt it.
>DX-36X (looks to be a straight-8 to IBM 360 interface)
>RSX-11B, RSX11-C ..before RSX-11D was released.
>Here's a real weird one (I'll put up pictures soon): A TU56 that does not
>look like a TU56.. No "unit number switch". Only On/Off, -> , <- ,nothing
>else. Two drives. Standard DECtape, NO CARDS inside. The entire drive
>electronics are on an external backplane. NO, it doesn't look like a TU-55
>Most useful stuff to me so far are the Microfiche and Internal Tech Notes
>for my 8/S. The tech notes identify a few hundred different common
>with the 8/s and how to fix them... many from internal DEC engineers. I
>have these for the 8,8/i, and 8/l.
>I wonder if Dag only got hardware? I am certainly receiving a lot of
>internal stuff.
>Also, what are the current licensing issues with RT11, RSX, and RSTS? A few
>list members have offered to help me read in all the different versions so
>can post them on the Internet.
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