FORSALE: Reformatter Software

From: Anthony Clifton - KC0CUE <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 10:22:06 1999

I have Version 1.0 of CP/M-86 <-> IBM2D Reformatter Conversion Software, which
can be run on Altos 8600 with cpm86 or mpm86, compupro/godbout with cpm86,
ibm's displaywriter with cpm86, NEC's advanced personal computer with cpm86,
or tab products system 1600 with cpm86.


- Original Cover Letter dated February 24, 1983
- Original notice about not running it on TurboDos
- Original Unfilled-out License Card
- Reformatter Brochure
- 8" Diskette with Software (seal broken)
- User Manual

all in the original white cardboard shipping material it came in 17 years ago.
All materials are in excellent condition, though the software has not been
tested, which is why I'm selling it as a collectible. I MAY put it on Ebay if
it doesn't sell here, but I wanted first shot to go to known collectors.

$17 OBO by 5pm Wednesday + $3 shipping & handling.

Anthony Clifton
Received on Tue Dec 28 1999 - 10:22:06 GMT

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