Info needed on SWTP & IA

From: Dave Dameron <>
Date: Tue Dec 28 10:04:58 1999

Hi Hans and all,
At 12:30 PM 12/28/99 +1, you wrote:

>The second is about an Ithaca Audio IA-1010 S100 bus card.
>I foud it between a lot of S100 stuff I had in a pile for
>almost 14 years untouched. Strangly enough it was inside
>a Jade Z80 Kit box, including all docu for the Z80 card,
>but nothing about the IA-1010... It's hatd to belive that
>it might be some kind of sound card, since there are no
>connectors other then the Bus connector. So any information
>would be apreciated.
It is a Z-80 cpu card. (There should be a Z-80 in the middle area of the
board). The other larger chip is an optional 2708 eprom. As Allison said,
don't know the previous history of Ithaca Audio in audio electronics. It
uses an 8224 clock gen on the upper left, so requires a 18 mHz crystal for
2 mHz clock or 36 mHz crystal for 4 mHz clock!
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