RRD42 and TKZ50

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Date: Tue Dec 28 20:27:56 1999

> Anybody know where I can pick up a DEC RRD42 scsi cd-rom drive, a
> TKZ30 tape cartridge drive, and a few TK50 tapes to go with said drive?
> I may just try to resurrect this VAX and replace the two 105mb HDs with
> a single 1-gig unit...

regarding the CD, this was posted here recently: http://www.vramp.net/dec.htm
> I'm also in need of a serial cable that has the funny "offset rj11" plug
> on one end and a standard DB25 on the other... so any pointers will be
> appreciated.
> Bill

Using a 3-pair phone cable and filing down the tab is what I use for my
*Stations. Has always worked just fine for me that way with the standard
H8571 DB25 adapters on the other end too.


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