Has anyone found the best way to preserve paper tape software?

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed Dec 29 20:55:50 1999

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Subject: Re: Has anyone found the best way to preserve paper tape software?

>An aside, in the PDP-11 realm the Qbus 11s like the 11/23 series are by

I really like "plug and play" Qbus systems but I don't think there is a
paper tape interface nor a DECTape one?

>far the easiest to get configured and going. the Unibus machines require
>a much higher load of knowledge of small bits like what bus level jumpers
>must be where and all.

Not too much more.. I have been restoring them for a long time.. the older
ones are a bit of a pain as they had so many revisions of the same CPU. I
was hoping to use 34s as they are they quickest to fix,rarely die, worth
little before and after being abused, and quite dependable.

>The beauty if that a 11/73 series will run most PDP-11 unix and PUPS has
>the license for any version at $100 and also an archive of PDP-11 versions
>of unix.

I would really like to run Unix on a PDP-11 (hopefully a 45 with all core
and FPU) but have never found the software.

><versions from the early-mid-80's onward. (i.e. RSTS/E V7 and on, RT-11 V4
><and forward with some earlier V3 And V2 distributions, RSX-11M 3.0 forward
><and RSX-11M+ V2.0 and forward, with many of the layered product kits
><thrown in for good measure.)
>I do have RT-11 V3 and V4 on TU58 still. I should dig them out and see if
>they can still be read (I have three solid TU58s).
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