Has anyone found the best way to preserve paper tape software?

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Date: Thu Dec 30 07:08:25 1999

> I really like "plug and play" Qbus systems but I don't think there is a
> paper tape interface nor a DECTape one?

There is a paper tape interface PR04, I think and DECtapeII (tu58) is
supported. As to other DECtape(TU60 casette, TU56 and TE16) I'm less

> Not too much more.. I have been restoring them for a long time.. the older
> ones are a bit of a pain as they had so many revisions of the same CPU. I
> was hoping to use 34s as they are they quickest to fix,rarely die, worth
> little before and after being abused, and quite dependable.

Yes, 34s are a great machine.

> I would really like to run Unix on a PDP-11 (hopefully a 45 with all core
> and FPU) but have never found the software.

PUPS -> WWW.PUPS.ORG I'm running V7 on RL02 on an 11/73. They have an
archive and license for binaries and sources for all (or nearly so) of the
PDP-11 unix versions (at a minimum V5 through 2.11bsd).

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