font used for pdp11 logo?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 06:15:43 1999

On Dec 30, 4:10, Bill Bradford wrote:
> Anybody know the name of the font used for the "pdp11" logo (as seen
> at the top of I'd love to be able to do some other stuff
> with the same "look", but doing it by hand in a graphics program is doing
> it the hard way...

It's not all the same font (unless someone made one up specially). The
letters "pdp" are a tweaked version of Futura (ither Medium or Book, I
can't remember which). BTW, the "11" doesn't look the same as on any of my
PDP11 docs; normally, they're Helvetica Bold, but in the logo at the top of, they're done in what appears to be a
slightly-modified Futura. The "/34" or equivalent that you see in
particular model numbers is normally also Helvetica, but stretched. I could
give you a (scalable) PostScript copy of the "pdp11/34" logo if that would

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