what is this? motorola alphamate

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Date: Fri Jan 1 01:02:04 1999

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<< > size keyboard and a 3x40 line lcd display. machine also has connections
> rs232, telephone, and din plugs for modem and printer. machine can also run
>I tried to buy a lot of those once. I thought they were portable
>terminals, but they turn out to be "portable paging entry terminals" used
>to send pages to pagers, I assume.
>From my research into alphapaging standards (I was working on a program for
 the RS m100 to use it as an alphapaging station) I believe that is exactly
 what it is. A tech from airtouch recommended I just buy one of those
 instead of writing my own program. (Probably shoulda listened; the pgm
 isn't done yet.) >>

well, if anyone wants this alphamate, just let me know. i dont want it.
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