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From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Wed Jan 6 19:10:57 1999

And while we're at it, why don't we complain about a single '.' on a line,
or starting
a line with "From" :-)

Ok, ok, so if you're using your Classic computers to read mail then I guess

Sheesh. Plain text really sucks. Y'all prefer that someone type _like this_
to indicate a piece of underlined text? or my habit *bolding* with
asterisks? This message "encoded" with HTML is roughly 5% larger than it is
in plain text. Wow, now that's a waste of resources.

Sure, sure, some of you actually enjoy typing in ASCII art to illustrate
something, I don't. Stick in a darn diagram.

Do you have a telephone in your house or a telegraph (and if you have a
telegraph do you force everyone to "call you" on it rather than the telephone?)

Here is my advice, you (the folks whining that they can only read plain
text messages) have got between 6 and 18 months before you will be deleting
everything because its encoded in some more descriptive form. If you can't
figure out a way to read that kind of mail by then you will see less and
less of the internet mail traffic (this list excepted of course.) Then your
kids will come in one day, after you've not read their mail because it was
not plain text, and shake their heads exactly as I did when I could not
convince my father to replace his "trusty" black and white TV until we were
waaaay into the color generation.

ObClassicCmp: I've got a "rare" Zenith green screen monitor that was used
with an Apple II, it even has the "wide/narrow" switch on the back so that
you can make 40 column mode more readable. Let me know if you want it...

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