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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Jan 6 21:14:20 1999

>Sheesh. Plain text really sucks. Y'all prefer that someone type _like this_
>to indicate a piece of underlined text? or my habit *bolding* with

Yes, I prefer this.

>asterisks? This message "encoded" with HTML is roughly 5% larger than it is
>in plain text. Wow, now that's a waste of resources.

How typically American, why is it that the general American public thinks
that the rest of the world has the same level of access as they do? Many
of the members of the list have to pay for their connect time by the
minute, they don't need that extra amount, and Microsoft spews a lot more
than 5%, if they did it properly it wouldn't add a lot, but with their
crappy programming it's more like 20%.

>Sure, sure, some of you actually enjoy typing in ASCII art to illustrate
>something, I don't. Stick in a darn diagram.

No, I don't enjoy typing in ASCII art, the best method to do it in this day
and age would be to either post it on a web page, and put the URL in the
message and let those that want to access it. If you don't have a web
page, simply tell people in the message that you can send a diagram upon

>Do you have a telephone in your house or a telegraph (and if you have a

Both, doesn't everyone?

>Here is my advice, you (the folks whining that they can only read plain
>text messages) have got between 6 and 18 months before you will be deleting
>everything because its encoded in some more descriptive form. If you can't

Again, how typically American! I'm starting to hate American's to the
point I'm looking for another country to move to, since I'm embarrased to
say that I'm an American myself. Anyone know any good countries that I can
move to, and not be embarassed to be associated with? The Internet is not
an American only thing!

I'd like to point out a few things, my reaction to a message that was about
%30 HTML caused this thread to spring into being. I'm using a e-mail
client that can handle it without any problem, I've also got a dedicated
384k line, so bandwidth isn't a problem for me. Therefore I can handle a
nice rich document, BUT I've also got the manners not to force them onto
others! You will find that people on other lists will consider such
behavior rude also.

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