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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Jan 9 02:48:29 1999

Doug Coward wrote:
> OK, I give up! Since the list is no longer plain text,
> will someone familiar with Eudora Pro 4.0 PLEASE tell me
> how to configure Eudora it so that formatting like this:

Eudora? Can't help much, I'm using Netscape, the program blamed for
much of the damage (but I've got it set to send plain text, seems to
work, at least I've got no complaints and enough corespondents on
plain vt100 or telnet [including _me_ at work), and your text stream
was screwed from Netscape and telnet both -- the loss of formatting
took place earlier. I guess I could try Eudora, except it would
mean booting WABI which can't always find the IP address my ISP
assigns my Linux system -- and Eudora is listed on my docs as not
working with my vintage of WINE.
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