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From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Jan 9 07:37:13 1999

> Zane H. Healy said...
> |
> |I was refering to the ancient RS/6k's about the size of a BA123, that we
> |still have a bunch. They make good chairs, a bit high, but they're built
> |like a rock.
> I will happily take any RS/6K off the hands of
> anyone who doesn't want it. 8^)
> -Miles

I've still got two 550's running at Lucent and would take anyone
home that anyone wants to donate. Especially with AIX 4.x.

I'd really like a 43p, though.

"  ... Overall we've found FreeBSD to excel in performace, stability,
  technical support, and of course price. Two years after discovering
  FreeBSD, we have yet to find a reason why we switch to anything else"
>                                                 -David Filo, Yahoo!
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