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From: D. Peschel <>
Date: Mon Jan 11 19:21:20 1999

> > and I, too, will respond off-topic...

> Great. Not only is Derek leading us to off-topicness by example, but he's
> made being off-topic chic :-(

Actually, I thought I discouraged it!

> Maybe it's time to change the list charter: anything of interest to
> computer geeks, including the occasional old computer. I don't mind the
> occasional off-topic rant, especially if it's microsoft bashing, but this
> list has been about 75% off-topic since the new administration took over.
> I vote for impeachment! (BTW, who is vice list-owner?)

Vice? Isn't that Ward's department? He has that signature about alcohol
and tobacco.

Seriously, I haven't been keeping track of off-topicness, but it seemed
about the same as before (maybe it's gone up a little recently, but not
solidly since I started). I think you're exaggerating.

Perhaps it would be better if I started approving messages. Then I could
still read the silly things everyone has to say but they wouldn't be
inflicted on others.

-- Derek
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