From: Victor the Cleaner <>
Date: Tue Jan 12 02:19:01 1999

William Donzelli <> desperately wished to know:

> > That's why we're after our first Cray,
> Please tell...

Not much to tell yet. It's a YMP-EL/98, the 8-cpu version of the
air-cooled "baby's first Cray" series. It's been promised to us,
but there's a certain amount of corporate bureaucracy left to
clear. Apparently we're going to be asked to vow not to sell the
machine - or cycles - to terrorists or other unsavory sorts.
Whether participating in distributed crypto challenges (like RC5)
qualifies as "unsavory" is yet to be determined.

At the moment, we know of two other machines of the same family
that are now in private hands.

More news when we've got it.

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