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Date: Tue Jan 12 02:56:44 1999

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Date: Tuesday, 12 January 1999 19:51
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>Not much to tell yet. It's a YMP-EL/98, the 8-cpu version of the
>air-cooled "baby's first Cray" series. It's been promised to us,

Congratulations. Fine catch. Just how big/fast is this thing?

>but there's a certain amount of corporate bureaucracy left to

Isn't there always? :^)

>Whether participating in distributed crypto challenges (like RC5)
>qualifies as "unsavory" is yet to be determined.

Nah. I suppose some might think it "unsporting", but it's just

>At the moment, we know of two other machines of the same family
>that are now in private hands.

Well, at least you don't have to set a precedent.....

>More news when we've got it.

Be very interested to hear how you get on. Especially if you get it

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