What's a VAX 6000/300 ?

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Date: Tue Jan 12 16:20:49 1999

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Subject: What's a VAX 6000/300 ?

>My guess is that it isn't "classic" yet, but there is a nice example of one
>at Berman for _next week's_ auction. (unless they are saving it and the
>tape drive for someone)

It's from around 89-91 era, so it might be. I have a couple. One built in
89, (A Classic!) 1 in 90. It's a medium sized Vax, about the size of a very
big fridge. The 300 series cpu's were good for about 3.8 VUPS (1 VUPS ~
1MIPS). The middle digit of the 300 indicates the number of cpus in the
system. Depending on individual machine config, this could be anything from
1-4.. The internal tape drive would be a TK70, a 280mb version of a TK50.
They will also read TK50 tapes but not write to them. A typical 6000-310
would probably have 64Mb of RAM, and an ethernet adapter, plus it may or may
not have either a KDB50 SDI Disk/Tape controller and/or KLESI-B controller
for TU81+ tape drive. It could also have instead of a disk controller a CI
bus adapter to allow it to use HSC mounted disk/tape drives in a VAXCluster
configuration. Apart from the size and weight, if you have the room,
they are a good, reliable machine. VMS or Ultrix only. NetBSD not
supported (No XMI Bus support). They are 3 phase, but it's fairly easy to
convert to single phase, and they only consume around 500w. My 6000-220
(slightly slower, but a 2 cpu version) draws about 2A _at_240vac from a
domestic power outlet. FWIW, it can be moved by hand, though it takes
about 6 guys, weighs about 200Kg, about 30 of which is a 3 phase
autotransformer in the bottom. (First thing I get rid of!) They need a
VTxxx terminal as a console.
One of these was my first Vax, so I guess I'm sort of an enthusiast. Oh
yeah, they are just about unkillable, dropping one from a great height will
distort the cabinet somewhat, but it will probably not stop it working.

Hope this helps.

Geoff Roberts
Computer Room Internet Cafe
Port Pirie
South Australia.
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