Prime Hardware Doc.

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Jan 13 10:26:50 1999

  So..... what little space remained in my living room is now
occupied with to big racks of Prime system.

  Its got 1 CPU, 48M of RAM, 32 ports, a Seagate Sabre, A Century
300M, a CDC 9766 top-loader, and a Kenndy 9100. I have many reels
of tape, and about three linear feet of operating documentation.
Maybe this weekend I can cable it up and light the fires.

  But since I am mostly a DEC collector, I have no idea where to
start looking for Engineering and Maintenance docs on this machine,
and I have not had time (yet) to sift thru the Web for clews.

  If there is, by chance, someone on this LIst who has leads to
Prime engineering printsets, I would be mightily pleased to
communicate with you.

  From spending the last few nights reading the OS stuff... I am
impressed by the simplicity of the user interfaces and the operator
environment... just the thing for a CompuDummy like me.

  Thanks in advance... pix of the Device will be loaded up to my
neglected webpage this weekend (honest!).


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